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80mm DT Printer

Suitable for Label, Barcode and Receipt Printing

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110mm DT Printer

Suitable for Shipping Label, Receipt and Barcode printing

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58mm DT Printer

Multipurpose Portable, Battery operated printer

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Shipping Labels

Suitable for Ecommerce Shipping and Invoicing ​

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Receipt Rolls

Elevate your business with Thermal Receipts

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Direct thermal printers are innovative devices designed for efficient and cost-effective printing applications. Utilizing advanced printing technology, these printers generate high-quality prints without the need for ink, toner, or ribbons. Instead, they rely on specially treated thermal paper that darkens when exposed to heat, making them ideal for various industries and environments.


Thermal Transfer printers represent a sophisticated and versatile solution for high-quality printing across a range of applications. These printers operate on a unique technology that involves the transfer of ink from a ribbon onto various materials, producing durable and long-lasting prints.


Introducing our Thermal Transfer Ribbons, meticulously engineered to elevate the print quality of your labels and ensure lasting durability. Designed for use with thermal transfer printers, our ribbons provide a reliable and efficient solution for industries demanding crisp, high-resolution prints that withstand environmental challenges.

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Tailored Label Solutions - Perfect Fit for Every Client's Needs


TSC Thermal Printer

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A6 Paper

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